Polynesian lizard shoulder tattoo


Here's the third polynesian design I've been working on in the last few days.
It has a nice symmetry and contains a lizard in the center and a mask at the top.

Here's a sketch in an early stage:

polynesian lizard mask tattoo designFirst I create the main contours of the tattoo by drawing two circles for the shoulder part and adding a rectangular shape at the bottom.
Then I draw other main lines like the diagonal ones and horizontal guide lines.

I really like the repetitive patterns and typical "polynesian" shapes and the eyes at the top of the design.

It took me quite some time to get the image right, most of the time I draw, erase, redraw etc.
So before I get to the final stage of tracing the image, I have nearly spent half my time tweaking and adjusting the image :)

Polynesian shoulder tattoo 3

polynesian lizard and mask tattoos for the shoulderHere's the final shoulder design, the top is symmetrical and the lower part of the tattoo has wave patterns, triangles, arrowheads and turtle symbols

The original size of this tattoo is 23,5 x 21 cm (9 x 8 inches), but it can be scaled to adjust it to your arm/shoulder.

Price for this design is 35,70 euro (47 US dollar)

If you wish to order it, simply press the "Buy now" button and you will be redirected to the Paypal site for the payment.

Once I receive your payment, I'll send you the high resolution design and a linedrawing for your tattoo artist.

Any questions? Just let me know.

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Mark Storm

Polynesian shoulder tattoo designs


I've been working on a few new shoulder tattoos for my web collection.
The designs are inspired by the Polynesian tribal style, like the Dwayne Johnson tattoo and have some nice detailed patterns.

dwayne johnson polynesian tattoo designsI started with a circle which covers the shoulderball and a wider rectangle just below.
Then I drew som spearheads and other tribal shapes, like turtle patterns.

I already have a few pieces like these ones in my gallery (shoulder 143, 144 and 145) and they are quite popular, so I decided to add similar designs, but only a bit wider, so it wraps around the upper arm.

The tattoos will cover the shoulder and half the upper arm.

Polynesian shoulder tattoo 1

polynesian shoulder tribal tattoo mix designThe original size of both designs is 23,5 x 21 cm (9 x 8 inches), but it can be scaled to adjust it to your arm/shoulder.

Price for this design is 35,70 euro (47 US dollar)

If you wish to order it, simply press the "Buy now" button and you will be redirected to the Paypal site for the payment.

Once I receive your payment, I'll send you the high resolution design and a linedrawing for your tattoo artist.

Polynesian shoulder tattoo 2

tribal polynesian mask tattoo for shoulder
This second design has a nice Polynesian mask in the shoulder area and triangles and arrowheads.

I'm working on another design in this style, so I will show you an update soon.

Any questions? Just let me know.

Regards, Mark Storm

Maori inspired tattoo sketch for side of the lower leg


It's been a while since my last post, I did some work on my website and added a twitter button to it, so you can follow my projects in realtime.
I also added a retweet button to each post on this blog (the small green "tweet" button on the upper right corner) so you can easily forward my posts.

Today two new and famous followers! Yoji Harada and Chris Nunez from the popular series "Miami Ink", welcome guys!

A customer asked me to create a Maori inspired tattoo design for his leg. It had to cover the side of his shin, wrapping around to his calf a little.

I started with a sketch in pencil and drew the basic shapes and fills. The design was approved by my customer, so I could trace it and finish it in Photoshop.

maori leg tatoo images sideside lower leg shin maori tattoo

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Smurfs Graffiti: BLUEhahaha!

The Smurfs first appeared in 1958 in a series of illustrated comic strips by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo (Pierre Culliford). The characters then went on to stardom in the Hanna-Barbera children's television cartoon, The Smurfs.

Smurfs appear regularly in graffiti murals around the world, and no wonder - these blue skinned fictional characters have been around for more than half a century. IGN dubbed The Smurfs "kiddie coacaine" for people growing up in the 80s. Though considered antiques in the comic world, The Smurfs are still gaining popularity with cartoon consumers and artists.

Smurfs are named according to their emotional traits or professions, for example; Brainy Smurf or Painter Smurf. I suppose this one could be called Ghetto Smurf:

Above: The Smurf language replaces most verbs and nouns with the word "Smurf".

Above: Tattoo Smurf depicted in a popular graffiti style.

Above: These blue fictional characters are very adventurous, finding their way into a variety of street art shapes and styles.

Even when depicted in a stylized fashion, Smurfs are recognizable. So recognizable, in fact, that even as a silhouette graffiti piece, there's no doubt that this is a smurf:

For many years, Smurfette was the only girl Smurf in the village - that is, until Sassette came along.

Above: Smurfette wasn't one of the original Smurfs as she was created by Gargamel to be an evil Smurf. Originally, Smurfette's hair was black, but after she became a good smurf, her hair turned blonde.

Above: Gargamel the wizard is the antagonist of the series. This somewhat dim-witted baddie creates diabolical plots to capture Smurfs to fulfill one of his dastardly schemes.

Smurf: In true Smurf language, this would have been "I Smurf trucks!"

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20 Arcade, Video and Computer Game Graffiti Artworks

Graffiti art is often an expressive, albeit illegal, way for street artists to express their opinions on social and political affairs. However, sometimes graffiti artist create fan art of celebrities, movies or computer games. This street fan art is simply a way of expressing appreciation for characters that have become a part of the artist's life.

Classic Arcade Games in Graffiti Art

Classic arcade games like Tetris, Space Invaders and Pacman have memorable, pixellated characters or objects that frequently find their way into graffiti fan art. The pixels can be created out of paint, tiles or painted squares of materials such as cardboard or wood.

Above: This gaming graffiti piece uses craft mosaic tiles to create a pixellated image of the alien characters from the arcade game, Space Invaders.

Classic Video and Computer Games in Graffiti

Besides arcade games, there are a number of classic computer games that have found their way into street artworks. Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Lemmings and Worms were a staple diet for gamers back in the late 80s and 90s. With the advent of gaming consoles, gamers could play their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes instead of going out to an arcade.

Above: This tile mosaic shows Mario from the popular Nintendo game, Mario Brothers, in a classic, pixellated style.

Above: This piece of street art uses beer coasters to create a pixel image of Link from the Legend of Zelda.

Above: Lemmings painted on a bridge over a busy road way. Several lemming graffiti pieces have popped up around the world, usually on bridges over freeways and highways. The artworks are often accompanied by the phrase, "Hello Lemmings!"

Above: A classic Worms character greets pedestrians from a street corner. The game's graphics changed drastically with the introduction of Worms 3D.

Recent Games

The current gaming industry focuses heavily on graphics. Computer games and console games now have highly detailed scenes and characters that present new challenges for game playing graffiti artists. Spray paint, however, can create a smooth, 3D effect when used by a skilled graffiti artist. Luckily there are many games that use a cartoon style for their characters, making a graffiti rendering of the characters easier for street artists.

Above: Graffiti artworks showing characters from Street Fighter.

Above: Commissioned graffiti depicting an artist's interpretation of a Halo character.

Above: The Sony Corporation commissioned several graffiti artworks to advertise their new product, the PSP. The googly-eyed cartoon characters are each holding a PSP.

Above: Bioshock graffiti art


Above: A spray-painted 22nd Century vehicle from the game R-Type


Above: Large graffiti piece of Starcraft's Typhus, smoking a cigar. Artists' mediums like spray cans and air brush canisters allow for a soft, smoky effect.


Above: Grand Theft Auto graffiti

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10 Freaky Photoshop Artworks

Photoshop gives digital artists the opportunity to create whatever they wish, from sweet and inspiring to humorous or downright creepy. The following images show the results of those days when Photoshop artists feel a bit macabre or sinister...

Above: A Photoshop artist's freaky Mona Lisa

Creepy Nazi Boy
There's something innately disturbing about an evil child, isn't there? Children are supposedly innocent, carefree and a little naive, but this kid is far from innocent, with his shaved head, mono brow, goatee and tattoo. He looks like he could be the son of Hitler.

My Girlfriend's a Robot
You thought your girlfriend was human, right? Think again - all women are emissaries of the intergalactic robot overlord, Zorg. We're here to eat your brains...

Southern Joker
"Why so serious?"

What Lies Beneath
Because inside every woman is, well, muscle, flesh and bone, right?

Horror Bush
George Bush gets a face lift, courtesy of Photoshop image manipulation.

Just Clownin' Around
Clowns are pretty freaky, even on a good day, but this Photoshop painting, by artist Anton Semenov, shows what happens when these entertainers go clown crazy.

World War Two's Auschwitz Camp
Another picture from the gallery of Anton Semenov, depicting Auschwitz concentration camp prisoners during the holocaust. The skeletal nature of the subjects, along with their blank, staring eyes, emphasizes the horror that Holocaust victims must have endured.

Mother's Little Treasure
Because Rowan Atkinson has been precious since birth. Imagine a mother's horror when he opens his mouth and instead of crying, says, "I am the devil, but you can me Toby."

Photoshop Genetic Modification: Vegetable Animals

Adobe Photoshop artists around the world are creating animal vegetable hybrids with photo manipulation. The possibilities for veggie animal combinations are endless, limited only by the artist's creativity, imagination and whatever foods they have in their fridge...

Photoshop Vegetable Animals

Digital imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop and Zbrush allow artists to create all sorts of animal hybrids. Often, these are a construct of two or more animals, but every now and then, an artist will choose something else to combine with an animal. In the case of vegetable animals, digital artists will combine a fruit, plant or vegetable with an animal form.

Cactus Tortoise
A slow moving creature, the cactus tortoise is an armed cannibal that eats shoots and leaves.

Banana Fish
The banana fish is becoming popular in Asian cuisine for its fishy, fruity flavors. Although commonly used as a food source, a fish tank filled with these playful creatures makes for a decorative addition to kids' bedrooms.

Citrus Frog aka Orange Frog
Several new species of Citrus Frogs have been discovered, although the most famous of these vitamin-C enriched animal hybrids is the Orange Frog. Toad-licking organizations state that Citrus Frogs are the best thing to happen to the food industry since bread came sliced.

Elephant Tree
The latest hype in the genetic modification industry is the Elephant Tree. These creatures are rooted to the spot, making them an easy subject for tourists to photograph.

Potato Toad
In an attempt to end world hunger, scientists have combined potato and toad genes to create the potato toad. The potato toad has been digitally designed to swim across lakes and rivers and hop its way from one end of an impoverished area to another, spreading it potato toad eggs in its wake.

Onion Spider
The onion spider is a lesser-known specie of the bulb family. Chefs have taken to keeping entire colonies of this animal vegetable hybrid in their kitchens to keep away flies and provide fresh produce.

Chicken Flowers
KFC has found a new alternative to battery chicken farms, genetically modified chicken flowers. This renewable resource is both good for the environment while providing a valuable food source for humans.

Chrysanthemum Puppies aka Poodle Puffs
Retirees and stay at home mums are putting pressure on flower sellers for bouquets of Chrysanthemum Puppies, commonly known as Poodle Puffs. These furry flowers yap when people come to the door, will lick your hands for a tickle and have a tendency to widdle on carpets. Animal rights activists are appalled that these animal hybrids are becoming cut flowers for home decor.

Strawberry Frog
Executive chefs across the globe are getting creative with the latest design in food modification, the strawberry frog hybrid. These chimeras make a delightful, delicious dessert when served with ice cream or cream.

Chili Rooster
This photoshop animal hybrid design is the ideal gift for those who want a spicy wake-up call.

Gourd Pumpkin Fish
Simply known as the pumpkin fish, these hybrids make great tank mates for banana fish.

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