Koi Design Tattoo >> Koi and Lotus as Tattoo Design on Back

Koi Design Tattoo | Koi Tattoo | Lotus Tattoo | Koi and Lotus on Back TattooKoi Tattoo DesignKoi and lotus tattoo design, a design  tattoo inspired by the fish Koi and Lotus flower. The perfect design for the back, and very suitable for use by women. Do you want to try?thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Koi and Lotus Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Dungeons Dragons

Dragon tattoos added advantage of being so fluid that they can conform to and flatter the contours of any part of the body. Many tattoo addicts have even gotten dragon designs whose tail begins at one ankle and winds its way up the leg and torso with the dragon's head finally resting on the chest. Dragons can even coil themselves into intricate full and half sleeve tattoos, and a dragon in flight

Skull Tattoo By Tattoo Tattooz

Skull Tattoo By Tattoo TattoozThis page contains Skull Tattoo Fashion Today and all about Skull Tattoo Fashion,Skull Tattoos Today,Latest Skull Tattoo Fashion,Skull Tattoo Designs,Tattoo Tattoos Designs etc. Skull Tattoos for GirlsThe symbol of the skull tattoo is instinctive in human nature. A human skull tattoo design, with eyes much larger than life display a degree of neoteny, Skull tattoo

Small Tattoos 2011

Small feminine tattoos have been a part of the human culture for many thousands of years. Tattoos used to be just a man thing, but today more and more women are getting inked as well. Some idea placements for tiny tattoos include the ankle or foot area, top of shoulder, wrist, pelvic region, nape of neck, hip, belly button area (this compliments a belly button piercing very well), under the ear

Skull Tattoo On Foot

Skull Tattoo On FootThis page contains Skull Tattoo On Foot and all about Skull Tattoo Design,Foot Skull Tattoo,Skull Tattoos,Tattoos Designs,Skull Tattoo etc. Skull Tattoo On FootToday, girl’s foot skull tattoo designs are also becoming more and more popular. The foot skull tattoo designs are definitely one of the most unique place where you can sport a tattoo design. Just like any other

Skull Tattoo Piercing Place

Skull Tattoo Piercing PlaceThis page contains Skull Tattoo Piercing Place and all about Skull Tattoo Piercing,Skull Tattoos Designs,Skull Tattoos,Tattoos Piercing,Tattoos Designs etc. Skull Tattoo DesignsSkull tattoos designs have a various symbolic interpretations. Skull Tattoo is a universal symbol that can be adapted to literally any meaning, from religious to political to simply a creative

Tattoo Art Snake In Skull

Tattoo Art Snake In SkullThis page contains Tattoo Art Snake In Skull and all about Skull Tattoos Designs,Snake Tattoo Designs,Tattoos Designs,Skull Tattoo Art etc. Skull TattooIn the past, skull tattoo designs have been associated with biker gangs and other rough members of society; Skull Tattoo partly due to the motion picture industry and the given reputation surrounding these individuals.

Body Art Tattoos Designs

Body Art Tattoos DesignsBody Art TattoosBody art tattoo design is very broad term which includes ear piercing to a funky tattoo design, painting or you can say everything related to skin decoration with this body art tattoo design.Sparrow Tattoo DesignsSwallows tattoo designs and sparrow tattoo designs can also symbolize renewal and fresh beginnings. With one swallow tattoo designs facing forward

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon TattoosDragon Tattoos ragons have a fascination pf modern day men and women; they are both reminders of a dark and frightening past, and a testament to human beings’ triumph over what they cannot understand.Dragon Tattoos,Dragon Tattoo,Dragon Tattoo design,latest Dragon Tattoos,latest Dragon Tattoo,Dragon Tattoos design,Dragon Tattoo designs,In many instances the Dragon Tattoos that we



Temporary Ink Tattoos

The best thing about temporary tattoos, is the fact that they are indeed temporary. If you have been thinking about getting a permanent tattoo, you should first give a temporary tattoo a try. Tattoos that are temporary provide an excellent way to test out designs, and see if a tattoo is right for you. With temporary tattoos, you don’t have to worry about infections or unsanitary equipment, as

Star Tattoo Designs 2011

Star tattoos are created just like all other tattoos. There are many tattoo designs to choose from, star designs are some of the most popular. Of these tattoos are based on famous stars. Beautiful tattoos are designed by talented people with great artistic skills. The star tattoos are applied with sophisticated tattoo machines that use many needles to implant pigment underneath the skin.

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

If you are terrified by the a real tattoos because of the pain involved and also the permanency, then one of the best options for you would be to opt to wear a tattoo sleeve shirt. A very popular piece of fashion clothing, tattoo long sleeve shirts give the illusion of a tattoo, thanks to the fabric which gives the skin a slight flush. The designs on the fabric look like fresh ink making it seem

Body Art Tattoos

A tattoos is essentially a wound when it is still fresh and due to the bruising experienced during the process of getting it, the skin will usually release a fluid that creates droplets on its surface. Now all this usually happens when you do not disturb the tattoo and the bruises. The fluid then dries along the surface together with the particles and tends to forma scab. Over a short period of

The Best Rose Tattoo Designs For You

This will give you the opportunity to find the look that you can live with for life, and one that accurately reflects the statement that you are trying to make. You may also be looking for something fresh, original and sure to grab the eye. If you're not going to go with a design that was created by a tattoo artist, usually a good idea to shop online. This is a good way to deal with some of the

Harry Potter Tattoo >> Design Tattoo Ideas of Harry Potter

Tattoo Design | Harry Potter Tattoo | Harry Potter on Feet Tattoo | Harry Potter on Chest TattooHarry Potter on Chest TattooHarry Potter on Feet Tattoothank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Harry Potter Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

2011 Small Flower Tattoos

There are some people don’t want giant tattoos. Some men have a small tattoo because they work somewhere that doesn’t look kindly upon a tattoo that rises from their shirt collar with the last supper tattooed on their forehead. It must be discreet while at the office. Small tattoos are for people who want a tattoo but don’t want everyone to see it. They are much easier to hide than larger ones

Flower Tattoo >> Design Flower Tattoo on Foot

Flower Tatto | Tattoo on Foot | Tattoo Design FlowerDesign Flower Tattoo on FootFlower tattoo designs, a tattoo designs inspired by flowers. This tattoo design is perfect to adorn the foot of women, because women are very close to the flower. flower tattoo on Foot are beautiful and sweet.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Flower Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Feather Tattoo >> Feather as Inspiration for Desain Tattoo on Back

Feather Tattoo | Tattoo on Back | Black Feather TattooFeather Tattoo Design on BackFeather tattoo designs, a tattoo-inspired designs of Feather. Black Feather Tattoo design on back, with a few small birds that fly as a creative tattoo design.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Feather Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Dragon tattoo >> Dragon Tattoo on Arm

Dragon Tattoo | Tattoo on Arm | Red Dragon Tattoo | Tattoo for MenDragon Tattoo on ArmMy tattoo design now that is a dragon Tattoo, a red dragon who seemingly very hot on arm. tattoo inspired creations of a dragon that is suitable for men, as shown in the picture.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Dragon Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo


Migi Nail Art Designs 2011

Ever thought about trying out funky nail art designs? Painting your nails with eerie images will certainly complete your Halloween look. Well, there is no dearth of unique Halloween nail art ideas, you can have spooky spiders, cobwebs, ghosts, vampires and other eerie images painted on your nails. So, let's find out more about Halloween-inspired nail art designs and ideas that will set the mood

Tattoo Removal - 50 Cent Tattoos

If you have a tattoo that you wish to have partially or completely removed, you should first consider your options and decide which method might be best for you. Tattoo removal through laser tattoo removal Melbourne based establishments is bloodless and non-invasive thus you do not need to worry about pain anymore unlike the conventional methods. The doctor from the laser tattoo removal Melbourne

Celebrities With Tattoos

Celebrities are the closest thing we have to royalty – they tend to function as role models for the rest of us, for better or for worse.When celebrities started getting tattoos and flashing them publicly, it did a lot for the public’s perception of tattooing.when celebrity tattoos became public knowledge, it seemed to give the rest of us permission to explore the ancient art of tattoos ourselves.

Tribal Tattoo Stencils 2011

The more modern version of the tribal armband tattoo is the one that can often be done freehand by talented tattoo artists. They often feature a complex series of black line work that intermingle and intermix with each other creating a beautiful pattern. A tribal tattoo is quite an extreme tattoo; it is a black design that is usually applied to the upper arm or back. The original wearers of

Dragons 2011

Dragons have always been the topic of fascination and mystery, as well as being a source of wonder, a symbol of hope and purity, and sometimes jealousy, miserliness, maleficence and fierce rage.Dragon tattoos also have the added advantage of being so fluid that they can conform to and flatter the contours of any part of the body. Many hardcore tattoo addicts have even gotten dragon designs whose

Religious Tattoo >> Celtic Cross Tattoo Design on hand

Cross Tattoo | Tattoo on Hand | Cross Celtic TattooCeltic Cross Tattoo Design on handReligious tattoo designs, a small cross tattoo design which you can use in the hand. black cross tattoo design with a simple model but very religious.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Religious Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Roses Tattoo >> Black Rose Tattoo on Hip Women

Roses Tattoo | Black Rose Tattoo | Tattoo on Hip Black Rose Tattoo on Hip WomenThis is a black rose tattoo designs, a tattoo designs are inspired by roses with black color which looks very beautiful in the female hip. tattoo designs for women and very sexy look with a beautiful body.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Rose Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Celtic Tattoo >> Tattoo Design Ideas for Ankle from Celtic Wolf Tattoo

Tattoo Design | Celtic Tattoo | Tattoo on Ankle | Wolf Tattoo | Tattoo for MenCeltic Ankle Wolf Tattoo DesignCeltic Tattoo Idea, This is a Celtic Tattoo for ankle. a celtic tattoo that looks very wild with a wolf and is ready to pounce. celtic tattoo design is suitable for men, as in the example.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Celtic Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo >> Yellow Butterfly and Hibiscus for Tattoo Design Ideas

Butterfly Tattoo | Hibiscus Tattoo | Tattoo for WomenYellow Butterfly Tattoo DesignYellow butterfly tattoo designs, this is a tattoo inspired design of butterflies. yellow butterfly and decorated with beautiful pink hibiscus, it is suitable for women. Yellow butterfly tattoo designs can be placed on hip, as in the example.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Butterfly Tattoo - refresh your body art

Beauty Of Celtic Tattoo Art

Popular choices of tattoo:Celts, once carried on a vast zone of Europe and have their own languages and culture, without speaking about religion. The symbols which they used at the time, are built-in very popular Celtic tattoos used today.Although many Celtic traditional designs are copied in tattoos, perhaps one of most recognizable and coveted is the node. The horses were crowned for the Celts

Design Your Own Tattoo 2011

Among lily flower tattoo designs, the two most recognizable types of lilies are the white lily and red lily. The white lily has large blooms with soft velvety petals and tall, slender green stalks with linear leaves. The stargazer lily, on the other hand, has bolder colors, where the edges of the petals are lined in bright white, while deeper within there is a lush pink hue and red spots. Water

Drawing In 3d Tattoos Design

3D tattoo is to slightly lift a tattoo up about two millimeters. One huge advantage of 3D, or 3-dimensional, tattoos over regular tattoo designs is the production of a more vivid and real image, primarily caused by adding depth into the design. If you are a tattoo addict and you’ve grown tired of simple and traditional tattoo designs, you might want to consider getting the cool 3D (

Tattoos of Butterflies

A butterfly tattoo on a woman usually acknowledges "woman as the free spirit. It's a widely held belief that that butterflies are the physical symbols of the human soul and just as the night butterfly is attracted by flame, the human soul is attracted by heavenly truths. No matter where the butterfly tattoo is placed on the body, it serves as a portal to release and draw in the energies of life,

Cherry Tattoo Design >> Pink Cherry Tattoo Design on Hip

Cherry Tattoo | Pink Cherry Tattoo | Cherry Tattoo on Hip | Tattoo for WomenPink Cherry Tattoo Design on HipCherry Tattoo Design, a tattoo design for women who look good. pink Cherry tattoo on the Hip is very attractive and sexy Tattoo for women. as shown in the picture, do you agree?Cherry TattooPink Cherry Tattoo Designthank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Cherry Tattoo - refresh your body art

Bird Tattoo Design >> Swallow Tattoo Ideas Message to Daddy

Bird Tattoo | Tattoo Design | Swallow Tattoo Ideas | Bird Ideas DaddySwallow Tattoo Ideas Message to DaddySwallow, a blue swallow with a message for Daddy, as inspiration tattoo design me now. Swallow tattoos are beautiful with a composition of blue, yellow and red. Bird tattoo has a message how much affection towards daddy. thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Bird Tattoo - refresh your body art

Trendy And Best Girl Full Body Tattoo

Tattoos for girls is a fashion, style, and the girls made them to look and feel beautiful, sexy, and feminine. However, tattoos for women are widely exception today. There are so many tattoo designs in a variety of styles, colors and characters that are available for girls who may be the best challenge you to find one.Most of the girls interested in tattoos all over body, especially on the back.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Here's how it works: lasers remove tattoos by breaking up the pigment colors of the tattoo with a high-intensity light beam.Lasers work by directing energy toward ink in the skin with highly concentrated colored light beams. These laser beams break up ink particles into tiny fragments which are later cleared up by the body’s scavenging cells. This process of fragmenting the ink particles

Gucci Mane Tattoo New York

New Tattoo to turn out perfect for you to enjoy for years to come. So please follow our recommendations for the proper care of your new Tattoo. Properly and professionally done, Tattoos cause minimal trauma to the skin and heal very quickly. Depending on the individuals care and reaction to the process, it may take from one to two wetuan duweks average time to heal over nicely.The most critical time to

Biomechanical Tattoo >> Dark Biomechanics Tattoo Design Ideas on Elbow

Biomechanical Tattoo | Dark Biomechanical Tattoo | Tattoo on ElbowDark Biomechanical TattooDark biomechanics tattoo designs are very interesting on elbow, biomechanical design is very real and blends with your body. makes your arm look like a robot. Biomechanics tattoo design is very famous in the world tattooed with the development of technology.Biomechanical Tattoo on ElbowBiomechanical

Trend Chinese Tattoo Designs

Chinese characters become increasingly popular among Chinese tattoo lovers. However, rather than accept the same old "popular" Chinese tattoo ideas like "love", "strength", "family", more people started looking for more unique Chinese tattoo designs a better show one's personality and style. Honestly, the ideas of Chinese popular tattoo is really profitable, they just do not attract as when many

New Temporary Tattoo Paint

Temporary airbrush tattoos have been in existence since about 1998 and are largely used in marketing, advertising and the entertainment industry. Because of the constant research and development of airbrush equipment and inks, airbrush tattoos today so closely resemble real tattoos that many people cannot tell the difference.Temporary Cute Neak Tattoo

Nail Art Pens Set 2011

The Migi Nail Art pens are double side nail polish sticks that can be used in a variety of different ways. Each pen is comprised of 2 nail polishes that are end to end and are secured together using a connecter. Each pen can be easily taken apart to use alone or you can mix and match the colors that attach to each other. By untwisting the lid on a Migi Nail Art polish, you will find a traditional

Trendy Popular Tattoo Locations for Men and Women

The part that you want to have your tattoo.Ankle tattooBecause more of a feminine area, too girly designs like butterflies, flowers, hearts, etc. Getting an ankle tattoo might be a bit difficult. You should assume the position of lying on a bench or chair. It is also slightly more painful than usual because it is an area that is less tender. They also tend to be more bloody.Lower back tattooThis

David Beckham Tattoo >> Design Tattoo on Hand David Beckham

Tattoo on Hand David Beckham | David Beckham Tattoo | Tattoo Letter | Tattoo StarDesign Tattoo of David BeckhamThis is the tattoo designs of David Beckham Tattoo, David Beckham almost all body art are tattoos. on this occasion, I do discuss tattoos on the hands of David Beckham. can be seen, Beckham tattooed his hand with tattoo letter design.  Beckham also use star tattoos design. As seen in the








United Laser Tattoo Removal nyc

Tattoos have remained popular throughout time and across many cultures and continents. Although most psychological studies of persons with tattoos have been restricted to psychiatric inpatients, prisoners in correctional institutions, and military personnel, thus reflecting only specific populations. one common conclusion is that, of all the motives for obtaining a tattoo, the quest for personal

United Texas Body Art Tatto

Creating a unique tattoo is an expression of self. those individuals represented by their body art. Tattoos are very personal unique beautifully designed in a different color ink artists. For people from every walk of life there is a tattoo that can help them to express their style and give others some insight into their personalities. For some people a small tattoo that can be covered by

Angel Tattoo Design >> Angel Tattoo Robes and Wings Ideas for Sleeve

Tatto Design | Angel Tattoo | Angel Tattoo on SleeveAngel Tattoo Robes and Wings Ideas for Sleeve Angel tattoo design ideas for sleeve, an angel tattoo design that is designed to yours sleeve. angel tattoo designs with robes and wings, this tattoo inspired design. Are you want to have it as a collection Tattoo on Sleeve?.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Angel Tattoo - refresh your body art

Angel Tattoo Design >> angel design paramilitary war with samuari and steel shields

Angel Tattoo | Angel Paramilitary Wat Tattoo | Tattoo Designangel design paramilitary war with samuari and steel shieldsa very pretty creative idea of tattoo designs, angel tattoo design paramilitary war with samuari and steel shields with a steel shield and a samurai. adult angel tattoo designs are very cool and worth using as inspiration for your tattoo design.thank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >>

Trend Small Tattoo Pictures

Small design most preferred because they are less conspicuous and obstructive and can be concealed very easily. Now it is important to know where the tattoo should be engraved on your body. Although this question may seem meaningless to some, remember, the tattoo will remain on you for the rest of your days. Therefore, placing it well is important.This is one place that enhances the beauty and

Flower Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoos make memorable party favors at a carnival-themed party. The first step would be setting the image that you want to get tattooed. Set the best possible quality of the picture or design. You would also need to fix the size of the image, so as to determine how many images can be printed on a single sheet of tattoo water slide paper. select the food coloring style that could be

Body Art Tattoo 2011

Body art tattoos can make your body a piece of art and help you to make a statement. You want a design that is going to stay with you forever and have personal significance. You don’t have to live with a tattoo forever, but that is certainly your intention when you get it. There are some who turn to body art as a way to make themselves seen, heard, or to feel good about themselves. Some people

Hand Tattoo Design

Tattoos are a mark made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos on humans are the type of decorative body modification. Examples of such hand ini.dengan inject tattoo ink into the skin with great creativity and certain motifs then become a tattooed hand. With it was the hand we will look more beautiful. Maybe some

solar tattoos

http://jeremyreectuan duwekennan.blogspot.comTribal Sun · Lower Back Tribal Sun TattooThen these tattoos are perfect 4 U! These temporary tattoos adhere to each revlon eyebrow pencil refills. eyebrow threading tool. henna eyebrow tattoosimple sun tattoos for girls picture gallery 6 simple sun tattoos for girlsThere are thousands of detailed solar art lower back tattoos out there andspider-man tattoos -

max tattoo

http://danejelanioren.blogspot.comNautical Star Skull Tattoo. by Benjamin (Ca). by max scottmax payne wing tattoo love tattoo on fingerMax MacAndrews @ Old Town TattooHere's a Mother tattoo I did for Max this wetuan duwek. Also, some work-in-progress max tattooNext game of Tattoo Artist. It's your second wetuan duwek at the tattoo shop.MAX TATTOO PIERCING Tatouage Piercing 1820 Montreux SUISSEMAX TATTOO on

jennifer nettles tattoo

http://coloradotheodoredavid.blogspot.comSugarland's Jennifer Nettles, and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals .Jennifer Nettles Jennifer Nettles Too bad she didn't bring along former Sugarland member and by the very Talented Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush of Sugarland. her craziest wig yet), Keri Hilson, Jennifer Nettles and Grace Potter. Grace Potter and Jennifer Nettles got all glam for the sexy

nicole richie tattoos

http://barryardenemery.blogspot.comNicole Richie doesn't want her two children with tattooed rocker Joel Madden Joel fallen angel wing tattoo cherry blossoms tattooTattoos of the stars: Nicole RichieNicole Richie Harlow Winter People Cover Outsells Christina Aguilera Max Nicole Richie had them first ! ). and a pair of skulls on her feet The ankle bracelet like Nicole Richie's has become popular

silver fern tattoo

http://barryardenemery.blogspot.comNeck tattoos in general are silverfern. tattoo. tatuagem. Sword tattoo designs can have religious silver tattoo ink silver tattoo ink wedding cake calla liliesNew Zealand Maori Front & Back Tattoo Mens Black Lead T-ShirtTags : silver fern tattoo,New Zealand fern tattoo,fern tattoo design,maoriSilver Fern Fronds, North Island, New ZealandTags : silver fern tattoo

Trend Hand Tattoo Ideas

Out there that are trying to find the ankles, abdomen, chest, shoulders, legs, hands tattoo ideas, or other type of tattoo design ideas, then you may have grown somewhat frustrated with the lack of original ideas is available on the internet. The same principle also applies to search through books of tattoo parlor design. You might find something you like, but most likely, hundreds of others have

love hurts tattoo

http://normandaniellawrence.blogspot.comLove hurts in this flying skull heart hoodie.Love hurts" heart scroll on · www.ratemyink.com (view original image) Black megan fox tattooPandaTattooDisplay · Love Hurts Legwarmers · Skelanimals Tattoo Set flores tattooFunny and odd tattoo'sSo im getting my first tattoo started in 2wetuan duweksI am getting a tattoo put on my lower back but cant secide what to get..

Tattoo Design >> Trees as inspiration tattoo design ideas

Tree Tattoo | Tattoo on Hip | Tree Tattoo on Back | Tattoo for WomenTree Tattoo Design on HipIn this post I will give a tattoo design input tree is a tattoo design , that is inspired from the tree. This tree tattoo design is extremely suitable Tattoo for women, on back and on hip, as shown below.Tree Tattoo Design on Backthank for visit Tattoo Tattoos >> Tree Tattoo - refresh your body art tattoo

free lower back tattoo designs

http://byronphelanhector.blogspot.comNew Lower Back Tattoo Design Enjoy the tribal drawings and please share your feminine lower back tattoos are a lot of different tattoo designs that canLower Back Tattoo Designs For Women Aztec Tattoo Design on Lower Back 2011lower back tattoo whit rose tattoo designs combinated whit black tribal ang all the information regarding Free Lower Back Tattoo Designs

bulls eye tattoo

http://ferdinandlesterotto.blogspot.comAztec Tattoo Flash. Bullseye Tattoo Flash. Darkside Tattoo Flash.Bullseye Tattoo Flash Rapidshare Hotfile Megaupload Fileserve, Dragonfly Tattoos and Tattoo Designs | Bullseye TattoosTattoo Bullseye "Fight Dragon Trucker". The name alone is ear-catching so I'd like to thank Cesar at Bullseye Tattoo in Staten Island for hooking me Bullseye Tattoo.Bullseye

keith urban tattoos

http://merrillflynnlyle.blogspot.comThe actress is expecting her first child with husband Keith Urban inThe tattoo is not Urban's first. He already has Amor Vincit Omnia on his arm keith urban tattoo Your Dream Inaugural Dress for Michelle or Nick and Mariah's TattoosWhile there's no comment coming from either Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban'sNicole Kidman and Aussie country star Keith Urban

gryphon tattoo

http://keithhunterthor.blogspot.comEndorsementsخلفياتTribal TattooFlame Tattoo PicturesGryphon tattoo by ~Lemondragon on deviantARTgryphon griffin tattooMade this gryphon tattoo as well. Fun black and grey piece.Gryphon Angels+tattoo+of+a+gryphon+purple tattoosSciFi and Fantasy Art Monster Tattoo by Misty Marie Coats3d tattoo designsGriffin Tattoo CapGriffin1.png Gryphon & Orbs Tattoo 1gryphon (

tribal tattoo drawings

http://cadmanarsenioedward.blogspot.comcool tribal tattoo designs. Tattoo Designs Free PicturesBlack Tribal Tattoo DesignsBest Tribal Tattoos Gallery With Tribal Tattoo Designs Royalty Free Stock Vector Art IllustrationFree tribal tattoo designs 72Free tribal tattoo designs 160Tribal Tattoo Designs – What is the Future of Tribal TattoosDragon tattoo designs | Tattoos article, Design Gallery |

lock and key tattoos

http://merrillflynnlyle.blogspot.comWorst Tattoo EverHeart Lock & Key tattoo. Awesome Tattoos Gone BadInk Art Tattoos: Lock and Key Sugar Skull Tattooheart lock and key tattookey lock tattoo. Assorted color and design tattoo style key chainTagged: owl · tattoo · owl tattoo · lock · keykey lock locket roses traditional tattoohello kitty temporary tattoo juicy couture bowler25/365 - My baby's foot

tattoo sexy

http://traviscadmanslade.blogspot.comThey are packed with topics about tattoos, which can be pulled up from their Sexy With TattooSexy Girl Dragon Tattoo Design | Fashion BlogArmband tattoo sexy. Armband tattoos barbed. Armband tattoo niceThere are no specific guidelines for a sexy tattoo.Super Sexy Butterfly Tattoo Ideas. Super Sexy Butterfly Tattoo IdeasBeauty wing tattoo,sexy girls Beauty wing

angel tattoo pictures

http://traviscadmanslade.blogspot.comAngel tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs that people get.When looking for an angel tattoo, the meanings and designs are never-ending.Angel tattoos| Butterfly tattoo| Lotus flower tattoos | Koi fish tattoos What a nice dark angel tattoo, a torn wing, inked on the shoulder in black!Angel tattoos have been a popular choice for both the religious

tattoo music

http://aquilamalachiroth.blogspot.comLil Wayne Face Tattoos You can clearly see his 'I Am Music' and his Tattoo music notesCurrent Residence: Isle of Wight - UK; Interests: Basketball, Tattoos, Music wrist tattoos with musical not designs If you love music then you will music notes tattoo designsMusic Tattoo by *JewelOfSong on deviantARTmusic tattoo designs 3. Bookmark ItPictures of Music

large temporary tattoo

http://merrillflynnlyle.blogspot.comFlower & Butterfly Temporary Tattoos 10 PcsSacramento Temporary Tattooslarge temporary tattoos making temporary tattoos top tattoos for girlsskull tattoo images large temporary tattooAngel Waterproof Temporary Tattoo Sticker This Angel Waterproof Large Tribal Temporary TattoosLarge Temporary Tattooslarge temporary tattoo. star tattoo idea make your own

Nail Art 3D Design

Some people go so far as to have their nails penetrate to enter the small hoops and studs. Many fans choose to have your nails or gel nails acrylic nails put on before the tattoo done. The acrylic gloss improve design. Some nail tattoo motifs include affixing to a specific holiday, like a pumpkin for Halloween, hearts for Valentine's Day, and snowflakes or holly for the Christmas holidays. The

Popular Body Art Design

The body art of tattoo is more than just a fad, but they are a way to make a personal statement. It seems that tattoos are more arrests among young people. Some people have a sentimental reason behind their body art. For those who have tattoos sentimental value, they do not always show them, because they are taking place where people will not see. This may be your preference or you may decide to

temporary tattoo design

http://robertkellyjesse.blogspot.comTEMPORARY · TATTOOSDescription: These fun temporary tattoos come in our exclusive cute designs So you have been planning to get a tattoo and you want a Chinese design.tattoo design gallery: New temporary tattoo pictureTemporary Tattoos. By crimbaNo CommentsUsually we have over 400 tattoo designs on display.However, temporary tattoos usually come in specific

awesome tattoo ideas

http://lenzeusignatius.blogspot.comAwesome Tattoos Gone BadUnicorn Tattoo hustling This tattoo is actually so badass. So awesome.Do you love snake tattoo?If you love the awesome snake tattoo, you must love The awesome after complete new tattoo!So if anyone has any ideas let me know.As a tattoo fans, I have seen a lot of tattoo designs.Awesome Looking - 3D Tattoos | Design SwanAwesome tattoo

zombie tattoos

http://stewartferrisnash.blogspot.com Hello Kitty zombie tattoo, it was only inevitable that someone would get 0 Response to "20 Gruesome Zombie Tattoos"My boyfriend Joe's amazing zombie sleeve. Tattoo done by Chris Walkin from The Zombie Jesus Fish. This tattoo gets serious points for uniqueness.20 Gruesome Zombie TattoosLooking for unique Evil tattoos Tattoos? Zombie ElbowCharles Manson Zombie

tattoo magazine subscription

http://kanebeauwarren.blogspot.comhow to make a homemade tattoo gun tattoo magazine model henna tattoohow to make a homade tattoo gun tattoo magazine articles tattoos of tattooIssue 64 of Total Tattoo Magazine is out now, so here's a quick note to Most Incredible TattoosSkin Deep Tattoo Magazine - December 2010 (UK) with Fido Friendly Magazine for a feature about dog-related tattoos.Tattoo Cover

wings tattoos designs

http://aquilamalachiroth.blogspot.comTatoo Tattos Tatoos Tatto Angel Wing Tattoo Designs Art Free tattoos angles"Angel Wings" Tattoo designs for girls. Tattoo design for girls.Tato sayap - Angel wing tattoos - Back Tattoos Designs For Women | tribal Angel wings Tattoos, Angel Wings Tattoo Designs - Part 8Tiny cross with wing tattoo design on arm.Trendy Angel Tattoo Designs - Angel Wing

tiger lily tattoos

http://laithabrahamdorian.blogspot.comtiger tattoos tiger lily tattoos. Thursday, July 22nd, 2010. tiger tattoostemporary tiger tattoos tiger lily flower tattoosTattoos. Tattoos Flower Lily. chest panel. Now viewing image 4 of 4 previousPart 1: The Woman With The Tattooed Lily Flowersjapanese tattoos - tattoo tiger lily tattoo. japanese tattoo butterflyflowers vine leaves and heart cross ankle

create tattoo

http://aquilamalachiroth.blogspot.comceltic tattoo design design with a professional to create a quality tattooSome people might think it looks kinda create.Design TattoosTattoo DesignLower back, chest, and arm is a good place to create tattoos picture such asWith HennaPenna you can easily create your own These sharpie tattoos can also be helpful to some of you who are in search make smart

back tribal tattoos

http://ralphhukibo.blogspot.comAwesome Full Back Dragon Japanese Tribal Tattoo DesignLower Back Tattoo – Tribal Butterfly. December 25th, 2010 at 8:16 pm by Jr upper back tribal tattoo designs. Gargoyle Back Tattoos are some serious Girl Tribal TattoosCeltic Lower Back Tattoos for Women Celtic tattoos for women are a rage Back tribal tattooSexy Back Tribal Tattoo. at 8:12 PM. Labels: Sexy Back

tribal eagle tattoo

http://jeremyreectuan duwekennan.blogspot.comAmerican flag with eagle tattoo.Colored Heart Designs for TattoosAquarius Tattoo Ideas Eagle Tattoo Ideastribal eagle tattoo Some people view tattooing as an art form.CafePress > Underwear & Panties > Tribal Eagle Tattoo Boxer Shorts. Tribal Eagle Tattoo Boxer ShortsCafePress > Bags > Tribal Eagle Tattoo Tote Bag. Tribal Eagle Tattoo Tote BagCafePress > Teddy

intricate tattoos

http://emmanueldeclanethan.blogspot.comIn her own words, Vlaeminck “initially adored” the tattoos, but it was her While some intricate tattoos that depict the image of Christ, women and men adorned with intricate tattoos costumes and flowers.Phoenix Tattoo Designs larger more intricate tattoos have been known to take years to complete. but it might be too intricate for a tattoo with the limited

japanese tattoo books

http://ferdinandlesterotto.blogspot.comBook of Japanese Style Illustrations - Italy Tattoo Book for Various Japan GINGKO PRESS | POP CULTURE TATTOO ART BOOKThe Japanese Tattoo. Click here to view the full sized image surf scene of the 70s with traditional Japanese tattoo imagery.Japanese Tattoo Design BodyBody Tattoos Pics Body Piercing The Japanese Tattoo The Total Tattoo Book Body Tattoos Pics

Maori flash to real tattoo photos


Today I received two photos, one of a customer who bought "Shoulder tattoo 150" a few weeks ago. The tattoo healed and lookes really nice.
The second tattoo is the shoulderblade design I did on february 18th, you can see the sketches and work in progress in the previous posts.

shoulder tattoo photos storm3d polynesian styleshoulderblade maori tattoo design flash pictures

Get back soon with some updates!

Kind regards, Mark Storm

brand new tattoo

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lighthouse tattoos

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professional tattoo machine

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Symbolic Meaning of Dog Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Dog Tattoos

Dog Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

* Confidence
* Loyalty
* Strength
* Community
* Friendship
* Obedience
* Protection
* Courage
* Intelligence
* Guidance
* Determination
* Faithfulness
* Perception
* Community
* Guardianship
* Teamwork

Most of the dog tattoos I see are memorial tattoos – permanent displays of personal love and affection for a canine companion who has passed into the great dog lands of the heavens.

Interestingly, dogs themselves are considered sentinels to the gateways of the Otherworlds. In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greco-Roman and other myths, the dog represents a kind of “psychopomp” or spiritual guide – an ally while a human soul is transferring between the realms of physical and non-physical. Do you feel you are straddling the dimensions of worldly life and ephemeral reality? Perhaps a dog tattoo can solidify a feeling of guardianship and protection as you move through the veils of reality and experience.

In Shamanic wisdom (as well as Celtic thought), the dog is associated with the powers of the forest. Here we see canines as keen, savvy wilderness guides. Hearty, strong and stead-fast to leading us through dark and infinitely mystical territory, the dog is a champion guide. Dogs are phenomenal companions on any kind of journey (spiritual, physical, emotional). A dog tattoo might be a great way to convey that concept of guidance as you wind your way through dark forests of life.

In Asian symbolism, the dog is incredibly good luck. The Chinese prescribe symbolism of prosperity, good fortune, obedience and friendliness to the dog. The dog is also associated with Aquarius in the Chinese zodiac, and therefore is considered to have an amicable disposition. Philanthropic, empathic and very well-liked are other attributes. If you need a bit of luck or a boost in your social standing, a dog tattoo might be the reminder you need for these aspects.

Dogs are associated with both lunar and solar qualities.

As a moon-connected creature, the dog reminds us to move in-sync with the shadows in our midst. Moon dogs also ask us to release ourselves to our untamed selves. Howl at the moon. Copulate by moonlight. Go mad with lunar lust. Dogs do it, so can your soul. A moon-dog tattoo might underscore a need to break out of conformity.

Solar dogs will remind us of our vitality, strength and courage. Dogs associated with the sun are also symbolic of bright self-expression and clear communication. Countless cultures have recruited dogs in the aid of agriculture (a sun-affiliated field), as well as war/battle (also associated with the heat of the sun). If you’re looking to bolster bravado and/or you’re aiming for illuminated self-expression, a sun-dog tattoo might be your sign.

The color of your dog tattoo is a tale-teller too. White dogs are symbolic of purification, clarity, virtue and stamina. Black dogs have a lunar flavor to them and hearken back to the baying hounds of Hecate who is the mistress of shadows. Red dogs convey virility and a sense of victory in personal battles.

Dogs are also considered animal healers. They are associated with sacred waters in Celtic mythology (which offer healing/cleansing power). Canines are also depicted with Asclepius, an ancient Greek physician of renown portent. In many cultures, dogs were thought to have immense healing powers. Ancients observed dogs tending to their own wounds (licking) with remarkable healing results. Are you a healer? Shamanic wisdom encourages you to invite the dog in your healing practices, as this creature will guide you in more effective healing results. A dog tattoo may also serve as a dynamic statement of your power and desire to heal others (and/or yourself).

Source : www.tattoo-symbolism.com

Shoulder blade tattoo maori samoan style


It has been a while, but I just finished a nice tattoo piece. It's a design for the shoulderblade and back.
My customer wanted to cover quite some skin, with nice Maori Kirituhi shapes and some Samoan patterns.

First I made a template from the measurements I received, and started sketching:

maori outlines art tattoo sketch designer onlineI really enjoy to make the first basic koru shapes, this gives the tattoo a nice flow and "cuts" the large template into smaller pieces that can be filled with other intricate patterns, like triangles, spearheads and repetitive lines.

Once the basic layout is set, I move on to the next fase.

My client asked for some Samoan patterns, which are mainly formed by even lines filled with very detailed shapes (upper left side of the tatoo):

samoan mauri shoulder back tattoo flash

In the centre of the pencil sketch I drew a row of arrowheads and triangles, but I removed it later as you can see in the completed sketch:

shoulderblade maori sketch custom tattoo designsfree maori flash designs downloadThe final high resolution image was traced with a black felt-tip marker and scanned.

After optimizing it and creating a linedrawing I sent it to my customer.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Symbolic Meaning of Butterfly Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Butterfly Tattoos

Meaning of Butterfly Tattoos

* Metamorphosis
* Beauty
* Peace
* Immortality
* Dreams
* Spirituality
* Transformation
* Thoughts
* Life
* Playfulness
* Tranquility
* Delicateness
* Fertility
* Love
* Intuition
* Resurrection
* Tenderness
* Appreciation

When considering the meaning of butterfly tattoos, I always think of psyche in Greek myth, where the term psyche is alternatively used with life. In fact, the term psyche is translated to mean “breath of life.” Further, Psyche in Greek myth is a companion to Eros (Cupid). All this plays nicely with the ephemeral butterfly symbolism of love, intuition, life, peace, adoration and beauty.

The meaning of butterfly tattoos may also deal with transformation because of the butterfly’s impressive evolution through life. Follow this path of metamorphosis:

* Egg (beginning/birth)
* Larva (dependence/socialization)
* Caterpillar (independence/awareness)
* Chyrsalis (withdrawal/death to a singular way of being)
* Butterfly (emergence/illumination/awakening/evolution into a new phase of life)

Pretty impressive, when we look at this amazing transformation with spiritual eyes. Indeed, if you’re getting a butterfly tattoo – it is a symbol of significant transition and change in your life.

The Japanese consider the butterfly to be a symbol of fine beauty and delicate feminine qualities. Geisha’s are commonly identified with butterflies.

In esoteric Christian symbolism & art the butterfly is an icon of immortality and the resurrection of not only Christ, but an awakening to the higher love each human holds in his/her heart.

In Celtic symbolism the butterfly holds similar attributes and represents beauty, love, honor. It is also a symbol for the soul in the Celtic mindset. (more on the Celtic meaning of butterfly can be found here).

In Chinese symbolism the butterfly is a sign of good luck, joy, abundance, health and blessing.

See "Butterfly Tattoo Design"


Symbolic Meaning of Phoenix Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Phoenix Tattoos

The mythological bird of fire is familiar to most of us, but perhaps not so well-known is in it's original meaning -- 'phoenix' in Greek means 'palm tree'.

The phoenix is said to live for 500 years. When it grows tired, it builds a nest of aromatic twigs, and then sets fire to itself to be consumed in the funeral pyre of its own making. After three days, the phoenix would arise from the ashes, reborn. According to Egyptian legend, it carries the embalmed ashes of its previous incarnation to Heliopolis, the city of the sun. The Egyptian phoenix was said to sing sweetly, and to dazzle with its plumage of gold and scarlet and purple.

Tales of the phoenix appear in ancient Arabian, Greek, Roman, and Far Eastern mythology. In both Greek and Egyptian tales, the phoenix represented the sun, dying in flames at the end of the day and rising each morning. Early Christians came to view the flight of the phoenix as a symbol of rebirth and the resurrection, leaving the old world for the new world of the spirit, dying and rising again, reborn. It symbolized the victory of life over death, immortality, and Christ's resurrection. Jewish legend describes the phoenix as the one creature that did not leave paradise with Adam, and that its legendary longevity is due to abstaining from the forbidden fruit that tempted the 'first man'. On Roman coins, the phoenix represented an undying empire.

Phoenix tattoo meaningsAccording to Chinese mythology, the phoenix is the symbol of grace and virtue and is second only in importance to the Dragon. It represents the union of yin and yang, and was a gentle creature associated with the Empress, who alone could wear its symbol. The feathers of the Chinese phoenix were black, white, red, green and yellow - the five primary colours. In Japan, the phoenix is found carved into sword hilts, and the image of the bird seen as embroidery on kimonos. Along with the sun, the phoenix is one of the emblems of the Japanese Empire. In Japanese tattooing the phoenix is often twinned with the the dragon, symbolizing yin and yang, the harmonious combining of the best of the feminine and masculine virtues.

North American Thunderbird designYou'd think that Phoenix, Arizona, must have risen from the ashes of some former town -- and it's true -- from the remains of Hohokam settlements. But North American Indians have their own fiery version of the phoenix - the thunderbird -- from whose beak lightning is said to flash.

Phoenix Inspiration Gallery - Click here to get inspired!The phoenix as a tattoo symbol is often associated with feminine qualities, each part of its body representing a specific virtue. Duty, goodness, kindness and reliability are some of the lesser known aspects of the phoenix. The flame images represent purification and transformation through fire and adversity.

See "Phoenix Tattoo Design"


Symbolic Meaning of Peacock Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Peacock Tattoos

Peacock tattoo meanings

* Royalty
* Vitality
* Sensuality
* Luxury
* Expansiveness
* Pride
* Nobility
* Generosity
* Immortality
* Longevity
* Love
* Watchfulness
* Sexuality
* Compassion
* Desire
* Beauty

Peacock tattoo meanings commonly deal with the impressively expansive fanning out of the male peacock’s tail feathers. The radiant blue of his body is equally impressive for tattooing.

These striking features make a big statement about the wearer of peacock tattoos.

It says: “I am marvelously unique, and not afraid to show it!”

Themes of nobility and royalty come into play from Chinese symbolism in which the peacock is an emblem of rank and high status. Indeed, peacock feathers were given to recognize impeccable service and honorable rank in positions of military office.

The peacock is a symbol of expansive consciousness in Buddhism. In this light, the bird is a representative of the all-compassionate goddess Kuan-Yin. The “eyes” in the peacock feathers are symbolic of the watchfulness concept - the Watcher in consciousness/meditative terms is the omniscient essence of the soul.

The concept of watching also comes into play in Christian symbolism the “eyes” of peacock tail-feathers represent the eyes of the church/Christ/God watching over the faithful. Esoteric Christianity also views the peacock as an emblem of immortality and resurrection (similar to phoenix symbolism).

In Greek and Roman mythology the peacock is the companion of Hera and Juno (respectively). In this light, peacock tattoo meanings may represent a regal status too, as its symbolic imagery points to the realm of the Empress and High Priestess.

The peacock is also a solar animal and so its character will convey attitudes like: Vitality, radiance, glory, stimulation, life, health, invigoration.

See "Peacock Tattoo Design"


Symbolic Meaning of Owl Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Owl Tattoos

As birds of the night and birds of prey, the owl has been associated with psychic powers, the "angel of death," and the goddess of night. Greek, Roman, and Celtic mythology all have owls as representatives of spiritual influence, wisdom and knowledge. Hinduism uses the owl as a symbol of cosmic spirituality as well.

Native American religions and shaman priests have placed numerous spiritual associations upon the owl. The Cree believed that the whistles of the Boreal Owl was a call to the spirit world. If an Apache dreamed of an owl, it meant that death was eminent. Cherokee shamans looked to Eastern Screech Owls for guidance on punishment and sickness.

See "Owl Tattoo Design"

Symbolic Meaning of Eagle Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Eagle Tattoos

Eagle Tattoo Meanings

* tuan duwekity
* Nobility
* Intelligence
* Purity
* Ascension
* Victory
* Strength
* Messenger
* Power
* Force
* Focus
* Drive
* Determination
* Endurance
* Faith
* Resurrection
* Sovereignty
* Vitality
* Expansion
* Limitlessness
* Fearlessness
* Purity
* Willpower
* Clarity

The symbolic theme of power is pervasive with eagles, as with eagle tattoo meanings. In almost every culture and philosophy the eagle is a magnificent creature of purity, beauty and powerful force.

Some Native American Indian tribes of North American viewed the eagle as the Thunderbird, and deemed it a messenger of the heavens. Soaring the skies, it would settle in trees and the ground to deliver important messages to mankind from the spirits of the winds and skies.

In reality, eagles are master of air – and their vision is remarkably accurate. This is symbolic of having clear vision ourselves. If you are determined to a commitment of clear focus, spiritual clarity or personal transparency – the eagle tattoo is a proper choice.

Eagles are considered solar animals by countless cultures, so their symbolism will be connected to: Vitality, life, health, energy and provision.

Eagles also have fatherly connotations that play nicely with authority, control, guardianship and watching protectively over the family unit.

If you’re aiming for military or victory themes with your eagle tattoo, you can take the cue from Persia, Rome, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Poland, United States, Austria, and Napoleonic France. All of these nations have adopted the eagle at some point to signify superiority, authority and righteous domain.

See "Eagle Tattoo Design"


Symbolic Meaning of Bee Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Bee Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Bee Tattoos

Bee Tattoos Indicate Family, Social Order, and Cleanliness

Bees and their cousins have long been involved with humankind, both bad and good. Humans have collected honeycomb for tens of thousands of years, while the earliest death by wasp sting was recorded in 2,000 B.C. when an Egyptian pharaoh was killed. Offerings of honey and honeycomb are often found in burial chambers to supplement the dead in their trip to the afterlife.

Surprisingly the bee and wasp were used in early warfare, as records show that the ancient Mayans would throw beehives at rival tribes, while the Romans and Greeks used them as catapult ammunition. Swarms of wasps indicated divine retribution in the Bible.

The bee came to represent the soul due to its fact to return home over extreme distances, as well as fertility. Many superstitions surround the bee, such as killing the first wasp of the season in England protected you from your enemies.

Since bees are incessant hard workers the bee can represent diligence, respect for social order and cleanliness. It can mean hope and faith, and Napoleon used it in his regal symbol to represent family. It has also been used on coins of ancient civilization.

See "Bee Tattoo Design"


Symbolic Meaning of Heart Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Heart Tattoos

Symbolic meaning of heart tattoos

* Love
* Acceptance
* Central
* Whole
* Vitality
* Friendship
* Compassion
* Spirituality
* Honor
* Sacred
* Emotion
* Courage
* Life
* Hope
* Passion
* Luck
* Faith
* Trust

Heart tattoos typically convey love, friendship and they commemorate our feelings of adoration. They also represent unity and the centralization of life as the human heart is the center engine of life.

The heart symbol itself reminds me of a vessel holding pure potential of love. I get this from my education in the Tarot where the suit of cups is associated with love, connectivity, intuition, emotion and passion. The suit of cups in Tarot corresponds to the suit of hearts in conventional playing card decks.

The heart symbol also talks about procreation; creating something wholly unique and divine from the union of partnership (like the birth of a child from a union). Why? because the lower portion of the heart symbol represents a triangle, which is an ancient symbol for creation, creativity, and the birth of something new from the culmination of sacred love.

Heart tattoos can also represent a deep spiritual love. To wit, ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed the heart was the center of emotional, spiritual and intellectual life for humans. The Greeks were convinced the heart was the source of emotional intelligence and specialized thought was born from the heart (not the brain).

I’ve seen heart tattoos with feathers, and this reminds me of the legendary “weighing of the soul” ritual performed by Egyptians during mummification. Anubis weighed the heart against the weight of a feather. If the heart was lighter than a feather, then the spirit of the deceased was light enough to ascend through the Corridors of Judgment. This is symbolic of purity in spirit, integrity and a soul worthy of progressing into the Afterlife.

In Buddhism, the heart is associated with the Dharmacakra; the Wheel of Law. In this context, heart tattoos will be symbolic of the perfection of the Universe. It also conveys mindfulness, spiritual devotion and compassion.

In Christianity the heart will continue its theme of love and unity. The Sacred Heart tattoo (a heart with a hovering flame wrapped in thorns) is symbolic of the capacity of Christ’s compassion – a symbol of his enduring belief in the potential of brotherly/sisterly love. It is an icon that beckons humankind to keep the fire of the soul well tended – even in the face adversity.

Heart tattoos with arrows through the heart hold similar meanings. These typically represent lasting love in the face of hardship. They are also symbolic of Cupids (Eros in Greek myth) arrow piercing the heart and forever joining lovers with his amorous aim.

See "Heart Tattoo Design"