Scorpion Tattoos Design

Scorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos DesignScorpion Tattoos Design

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Symbolic Meaning of Scorpion Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Scorpion Tattoos

The symbol meaning of Scorpion, much like its appearance, can be little foreboding. That is, if we do not have the inner eyes to see the beauty and complexity of its symbolism.

Below are a few facts on the symbol meaning for Scorpion along with some cultural history and background.

A summary of symbol meaning/associations for the Scorpion are as follows:

Transition, Death/Dying, Sex, Control, Solitary/Being, Alone, Treachery, Passion, Protection, Defensiveness

A potent message the Scorpion chooses to express is that of protection and/or isolation. In fact, they themselves are quite solitary - part of the reason why they symbolize In fact, many people with the Scorpion as their totem tend to have brief spells of passion with a partner only to end the relationship and spend long periods content to be alone.

The Scorpion will mate in an exotic, dance of passion and control. The Scorpion sex dance is one of beauty, control, and calculation.

The female allows her new offspring to ride on her back until they shed their first exoskeleton - then her offspring leaves her - all of them going off to their lone, solitary lives - another example of intensity in relationship followed by isolation.

Defensiveness/control/protection is evident in the Scorpion's appearance - which seems to say "Do not trifle with me." One look at this magnificent creature says "back off!" does it not?

As another symbol of protection - we can consider the venomous tip of the scorpion which numbs its prey as well as makes its prey chemically digestible for the Scorpion. Whether the Scorpion intends to eat the victim of its sting is irrelevant because its sting will most certainly protect the Scorpion in order for it to live another day.

In Samaria, the Scorpion is associated with the Sun, and ancient writings depict Scorpion-men guarding (protecting) sacred gateways leading to ascension, pleasure and enlightenment.

Death symbolism comes into play in Greco-Roman mythology where Artemis (Diana) used the Scorpion to sting Orion's foot, which caused his death. Afterwards, Zeus (Jupiter) made the Scorpion a zodiac sign among the stars.

There are some species where the venom is actually the antidote for its sting (like cobras). In Egypt and Tibet this is seen as an omen, and the Scorpion is made into an amulet - signifying protection and warding off evil. In Africa, the Scorpion is also seen as a healing sign - its venomous oil used for medicinal purposes.

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Peony Tattoos Design

Peony Flower Tattoos DesignPeony Flower Tattoos DesignPeony Flower Tattoos DesignPeony Flower Tattoos DesignPeony Flower Tattoos DesignPeony Flower Tattoos DesignPeony Flower Tattoos DesignPeony Flower Tattoos Design

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Symbolic Meaning of Peony Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Peony Tattoos

As a tattoo design, the peony symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. The peony is a potent symbol of beauty, of the fragility and fleeting nature of existence and the knowledge that acquiring great rewards comes only by taking great risks.

In traditional Japanese tattooing, certain design elements are often paired together, dragons, lions and demons with various flowers - in effect a delicate balancing of power with beauty.
Peonies, or "botan" are a flower symbol that is traditionally paired with a Japanese lion, or "Shishi". This pairing is called Karajishi, and the ferocity of the lion is tempered by the beauty of the peony. But rather than merely being a simple symbolic example of Yin and Yang at work, the peony is a powerful tattoo design element in its own right.

The Peony is a flower with a history of cultivation and veneration that goes back thousands of years. In Japan and China, the peony is a floral symbol with meaning on par with the Chrysanthemum, the Lotus and the Cherry Blossom. The Peony is regarded as a symbol of wealth, and remember in both China and Japan, stone lions are used to guard palaces and homes, temples and sacred places, so the pairing of the peony with the lion in tattooing is no accident.

According to Japanese tattooing tradition, peonies also symbolize daring, risk taking and the gambler's or Samurai's devil-may-care approach to life. A gambler's next bet may be his last, a true Samurai according to the Code of Bushido, or The Way of the Warrior, lives each day as if it may be his last.

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Horse Tattoos Design

horse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo designhorse tattoo design

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Symbolic Meaning of Horse Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Horse Tattoos

The horse is credited with being a symbol of guidance and strength. And therefore a horse design on your body would convey your feelings of deep respect and fascination for these lovely creatures. Since tattoos are mostly symbolic, you should make sure that you get yourself tattooed for the right reasons. However, the horse tattoo need not carry any special meaning for the liberal mind, but just a ‘cool design’.

Chinese Zodiac tattoos have also become increasingly popular, as a result of which, the horse tattoos are a preferred choice of many. People born in the year of the horse are considered to be pleasant and intuitive. The horse tattoos represent loyalty, passion, speed, independence and beauty, all positive traits. However, you can select a horse tattoo design simply as a style statement and not for any deep, hidden meaning. The freedom of choice available to the youth of today, has witnessed many opting for the colorful horse tattoos.

The horse also symbolizes passion and free spirit. The tattoos could be sported on the lower back or legs, but the most popular area for the horse tattoo is on the upper arm. The beautiful horse designs are a major contribution to the magical world of body art. Depending on personal taste and style, horse designs vary. The tattoos can be worked in black, gray or any other color. However, before you go ahead and get yourself a horse tattoo, it is advisable to view the various designs online, before you make your final decision.

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Symbolic Meaning of Panther Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Panther Tattoos

In Central and South America, Panther is associated with the sun. It is symbolic of power, guardianship, courage and valor. It embodies aggressiveness and power and reflect an ability to do a variety of tasks. Panthers are also brilliant swimmers and agile climbers.

Since they have the ability to sprint with great speed, they hold the teachings of quick decisive actions. Thus, those exhibiting panther tattoos also want to express the statement that they are strong and independent individuals who are not afraid express their opinions to fight for their rights and beliefs.

The panther is also symbolic of the feminine, power and protection for women who chose to have panther tattoo inked on them. They are representation of women as being gentle and loving with their children, yet fearless in defending their families. They also symbolizes rebirth, swiftness, cunning, perseverance, boldness, and beauty.

With tattoos being versatile in styles and meaning, you can attach different symbolism to it depending on how you can relate it to your personal life. The important thing is you know that you are making a strong and bold statement with panther tattoos.

Placement of Panther Tattoos

The black crawling panther is one form whose contours make it ideal for placement over the rolling and fluid musculature of the arms and legs. Panther tattoos are usually detailed and big so they can usually be seen inked at body parts that can serve as a large canvas. Aside from arms and legs, they can be seen crawling upwards or downwards on the ribs, shoulder blades, chest, back and thighs. Aside from the image of the said animal in action, there are several other variations for this style of body art. One is the panther head while some are the ones with tribal touch.

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