Meow! Cats with Tattoos or Tattoos of Cats?

There seems to be skin-deep relationship between cats and tattoos. There are hundreds of cat tattoo designs available, and it would seem, hundreds of cats with tattoos.

Tattoos of Cats

Cat tattoo designs are not uncommon in the world of skin ink. This popular pet has found its way into a variety of different tattoo styles, from photorealism to funny. Tattoos of cats often have a personal meaning to the owner of the tattoo; sometimes it is a treasured pet, a favorite cartoon character or simply the symbolism of cats. The symbolism of cats varies from one culture to the next, though broadly speaking, cats symbolize hunting, guardianship and a relationship with the night or darkness.
Cats can be humorous creatures, as proven by the popular website, LOLcats. Their curiosity, attitude and often playful nature make them a popular choice for tattoo designs.

Tattoos on Cats

Sphynx cats are a hairless breed of cat. In the Austin Powers movies, Dr Evil is depicted as owning a sphynx cat, which is as bald as he is. Because of the hairless nature of their skin, sphynx cats are now becoming a prime canvas for tattoo artists. Is this animal cruelty, or is it art? Read Animal Owners Tattoo Their Pets for more information on tattooing animals. You can read more about animal tattooing in Animal Owners Tattoo their Pets.

Above: This is Mickey, a rare Canadian Hairless cat, who lives in Moscow, Russia. Mickey’s owner had him sedated for three hours while an image of King Tut was tattooed onto his chest.

Above: Tattooing animals is becoming quite a trend in Russia, as there are few laws and regulations surrounding the treatment of animals.

Above: Like owner, like cat. Although cats are sedated when they being tattooed, animal rights groups believe that the act of tattooing animals is cruel.

Above: Tattooed sphynx cat being shown off by its owner at a tattoo festival. Unlike their human owners, cats don’t get to choose their tattoo designs. They also don’t get to choose whether they want a tattoo or not.

Human Cat Hybrids

As with all art forms, there are those who always take things one step too far. Several people have taken body modification to a new level, turning themselves in human animal hybrids. These body modification fanatics use tattoos, piercings, inserts and plastic surgery to transform their once-human bodies into a bizarre creature composites. Although several animals are used as the inspiration for body modification processes such as these, cats seem to be the most popular. None of the following images are photoshopped.

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Best Photoshopped Man Animal Hybrids

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and sculptures depict creatures that are half-human, half-beast. Centuries later, artists are still fascinated by Manimals - man animal hybrids. 

Ancient history, myths, legends, science fiction and fantasy stories abound with tales of half man, half animal creatures. Werewolves, centaurs and even the world famous Egyptian Sphinx are common composite creatures formed from the merging of two species.


In ancient Greek mythology, centaurs are hybrid animals that consist of a human torso attached to a horse's body, replacing the horse's head. Centaurs have been featured in a number of fantasy books and movies, including Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Mermaids and Mermen

Mermaids are aquatic mythological creatures that are a hybrid of a human and a fish. In old English, the word'mere' meant 'sea', so a mer-maid is a sea maiden. Mermaids are popular creatures in folk lore and children's stories. These marine manimals have been popularised in modern culture by movies like Disney's The Little Mermaid and Splash.

Photoshop Man Animal Hybrids

For digital artists, imaging software programs like Adobe Photoshop and ZBrush open up a world of possibilities. Photographs of two different creatures, man or animal, can be merged to create entirely new creatures, animals that roam the realm of fantasy and imagination.

Hybrid creatures of myths and legends are traditionally half-human and half-animal, with a distinct point of joining between the two creatures, as seen earlier with centaurs and mermaids. Modern artists have taken this hybridization a step further, combining several areas of the two species' bodies to create a complete creature composition. In the picture above, the artist has combined the goat's hooves with the human hands, along with the bone structure of the face. Coarse hair and wiry muscles add to the half-man, half-goat design. In Greek mythology, this creature would be called a satyr.

Even though the artist has kept the original shape of the owl's eyes, pictured above, the eyes have a strangely human appeal. The most human part of this digital art piece is the nose that replaces the beak, though even this human characteristic has been successfully merged into the owl's features.

The human eye is drawn to the most recognizable features of a face; the eyes, nose and mouth. By superimposing these human features on an animal's face, digital artists can create an image that elicits an emotional response from the viewer, such as humor, through personification - portraying human emotions on a non-human creature or object.

The best Photoshop man animal hybrids are those which capture the perceived character of an animal. In the picture above, the artist has portrayed the regal, proud nature of a lion through posing the human features to reflect these character traits.

Primates and humans share a number of physical features, making these animals an ideal choice for using in CG human animal hybrids. In the picture above, the artist has replaced the human head and hand with that of an ape. The human objects used in this picture - clothing and a gun - complete the hybrid image.

The idea of using animal heads on a human body has been used since antiquity, often appearing in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Greek and Roman mythology. Almost every ancient culture in the world created images of human bodies with animals heads or animal masks. The concept of hybridizing human and swine characteristics also appeared in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Man animal hybrids can use a number of different creature characteristics, as seen above. This creature has crab legs and octopus tentacles with facial features that resemble a human's. Many comic and cartoon character designs incorporate animal physiology with human characteristics.

 This picture is reminiscent of an Anne Geddes photograph, except that the human baby has a monkey's head and tail. As mentioned above, humans primates share a number of physical traits. The artist has used this to his advantage while adding to the human feel of the picture by giving the character human hair characteristics over the hairy features of a monkey.

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What Internet Trolls Look Like

Internet trolls trawl the web, leaving inflammatory comments on blog posts, forums and articles. Their aim, it seems, is to insult other internet users and elicit a negative emotional response from anyone who crosses their path. Artists and videographers across the globe have begun creating renditions of what internet trolls look like.

What is an Internet Troll?

Wikipedia's entry on Internet trolls states that "In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community". Essentially, internet trolls are people who join a discussion on a forum, blog post or article and leave inane rubbish in their wake. Generally, their posts go beyond expressing a personal opinion and aim to incite anger or frustration in other internet users.

Trolls deliberately try to goad other internet users on message boards to have a flame war, by raising topics that aren't relevant to the post. Often, they will insult a person's religion, race or family simply to get a rise out of that person. Trolls are also infamous for making controversial comments on current affairs, social problems and historical events. Their aim is to disrupt a conversation with verbal vandalism.

Do Not Feed the Trolls

Internet trolls 'feed' off of the reactions of other internet users. They get their kicks out of deliberately making people angry. The concept of starving trolls by ignoring them is a collective effort, as it only takes one person's reaction to the troll to encourage (feed) a troll. Even when every forum member on a thread is ignoring the troll, the troll might post incessantly in an attempt to get a rise out of someone.

How to Deal with Internet Trolls

You can avoid being 'troll bait' by not getting involved in debates that you feel passionate about. Chances are, if you have strong feelings about religion, homosexuality or racism, trolls will attempt to tear apart your opinions on these matters. The troll mentality is that they are right, you are wrong and they will go to the ends of the Earth to prove just how wrong you are while insulting you every step of the way.
Rising to the challenge of interacting with a troll is a waste of time, time that could be spent on far more worthwhile activities. Trolls do eventually begin trolling another part of the internet if they are ignored, but sometimes the only solution to dealing with a troll is to leave a conversation or debate. has several posts on internet trolls, including a video. View their Internet Troll Survival Guide for more info on dealing with internet trolls.

What Internet Trolls Look Like

Internet trolls can be recognized by their comments. These will usually be deliberately off-topic, abusive of other internet users or social groups and will often involve profanity and name-calling. In reality, there are no physical traits that mark an internet troll. Internet trolls can be anyone, anywhere, lurking in a forum waiting for troll bait to show itself...