Rubik's Cubes Twist and Turn into Artworks

The Rubik's Cube, once called the "Magic Cube" has entertained and frustrated children and adults alike since it was first sold commercially in 1980. Each side of the cube consists of nine individual squares, that can be twisted and turned. Each turn moves the colors on each face of the cube. The object of the game is to end up with each face containing only a single color.

Though the Rubik's Cube was intended for entertainment as a "brain game", it has more recently found its way into the hands of artist's, emerging as art.

Mario Brothers in Rubiks Cube Art

These Rubik's Cube art pieces depict characters from the popular Nintendo game, "Mario Brothers". The bright colors offered by Rubik's Cubes are perfect for creating images of gaming characters. The squares of color mimic early computer and video game designs, giving the finished fan art work a pixellated effect.

Rubik's Sistine Chapel 

This Rubik's Cube "painting" is in homage to "The Creation of Adam", a famous painting by Michelangelo which is situated in the Sistine Chapel. By using thousands of Rubik's Cubes, the artists can lessen the pixelated effect caused by the squares of the puzzle. See more Fan Art Versions of Michelangelo's Painting in the Sistine Chapel.

Rubik's Cubes Home Decor

The plastic puzzle games are very versatile, in the right hands. They can be used to reproduce a favorite photograph, which can then be displayed as home decor. Shown below is a Rubik's Cube artwork depicting the owner's favorite pet. Note how the art work is not framed, allowing the viewer to see the cubes from a different angle.

Want to try your hand at solving a Rubik's Cube? Visit this Online Rubik's Cube Puzzle Game

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Samoan inspired shoulder tattoo design


I get a lot of request from people that are looking for a Samoan-inspired design, similar to the Sonny Bill Williams tattoo sleeve.
So I decided to design a set of intricate shoulder tatoo pieces with a lot of small details in a graphic style.
You can find all 3 designs in this set here.

The original design of SBW looks like this:

Sonny Bill Williams tattoo samoan shoulderSamoan shoulder tattoo Sonny Bill Williams

First I made a basic pencil sketch with a height of 30 cm (12 inches) and added some detailed Samoan inspired patterns. Then a few swirls of Maori koru and traced the lines with a marker:

Samoan design sketch tattoos
sonny bill williams tattoo design sketchsamoan shoulder tattoo SBW large pictures

The final design has a nice upper part, I added some other shapes on top to make it look more complex. You can order the high resolution image of this design, by simply clicking the "buy now" below. You get the high quality files sent by e-mail once I receive your payment.

Samoan inspired shoulder sleeve design

Size: 30 x 24 cm (12 x 9 inches)
Product code: Samoan 101
Price: 41,65 euro (57 USD)

Any questions? Just let me know.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Flower Tattoo Design Ideas

Flower tattoo designs can be symbolic or purely decorative in nature. Floral tattoos are often a symbol of femininity and are placed on the body in specific areas that compliment and flatter the female form.

As Pretty as a Flower
Flower tattoo designs can be small, simple images, or large, detailed art works. Most flowers are easily recognizable, yet there are a few that are more popular than others, such as roses, lilies and daisies.

Above: This flower tattoo design incorporates birds and butterflies to create a feminine garden on this woman's back.

Above: Abstract flower tattoo designs, such as the one above, mimic the elegant curves of flower petals to create a floral effect. Each petal is placed to draw the eye to the focal point of the design; the center of the flower. In nature, the structure of flowers draws nectar and pollen seeking insects and birds to the center of the flower by having the petals "point" to the center of the blossom.

Above: Cherry blossoms are a popular subject in Japanese art and design. The juxtaposition between the dark, angular branches and the delicate, soft flowers create an attractive image off the balance between opposing elements.

Above: This flower tattoo design uses soft shading for the lotus flowers and crisp, curling lines as a background. 

The Feminine Arts
For centuries, women have sought ways in which to highlight the sensuality of their bodies, turning to cosmetics, clothing and hairstyles to accentuate their femininity. It is only in the last few decades that it has become acceptable for women to have tattoos inked into their skin, and many women have taken advantage of this trend to use their skins as a canvas.

Above: Daisy flowers became a popular symbol for peace during the hippy revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. Daisy tattoo designs are fun and elegant, symbolizing peace and innocence.

Above: Roses are one of the most popular flowers used in floral tattoo designs. The rose flower represents passion, sensuality and love and is found in both male and female tattoo designs.

Above: The tattoo artist has used water in this design to compliment the lotus flowers. The contrast between the blue of the waves and the warm colors of the flowers balances the design and makes the flowers stand out.

Above: This Japanese tattoo design boasts a butterfly in a garden of flowers, both of which are symbols of femininity. The blue colors of the butterfly design stand out against the orange shades of the flowers, turning the butterfly into a powerful design element.

A New View on Eyelid Tattoos

Eyelid tattoos aren't common, due the danger of damaging the eye during the tattoo process and the highly visible nature of face tattoos. The design needs to be fairly simple, in order to fit on the small surface area of the eyelid.

Cosmetic or Permanent Make-up Tattoos
The most common form of eyelid tattoos is cosmetic tattoos, also called permanent make-up tattoos. These tattoos can be used to replicate the effect of eyeliner and mascara around the eyes, and to darken the eyebrow area. Cosmetic tattoos can also be used to permanently color the lips in place of lipstick.

Fake Eyes Tattoos

A popular form of eyelid tattoo design is the fake eye tattoo, which makes it seem as though the person is watching you, even though their eyes are closed. Special inks are often used in eyelid tattoos because the skin around the eyes is sensitive and may react badly to regular tattoo inks.

Eyelid Tattoo Designs

Eyelid tattoo designs are usually symbols of some kind that reflect a person's religion or personal point of view. The smaller and simpler the design, the better, because eyelid tattoos swell just like any other tattoo. To prevent affecting the client's vision and to minimize discomfort, tattoo artists will often create the tattoo in several separate sessions, in order to allow the area to heal.

Above: A tribal eyelid tattoo design

Above: Pentgram eyelid tattoo design

Above: Dollar signs eyelid tattoos

Above: This eyelid tattoo design uses text as its subject. The two words, one on either eyelid declare, "Pure sex".

Above: Lil' Wayne's "Fear of God" eyelid tattoos (See the tattoo process here)

Tattooing eyelids is a fairly risky business, as the tattoo artist needs to be highly skilled to work on the pliable surface and between the folds of the eyelid without damaging the eye. False rumors abound that tattoo artists place an object under the eyelid, such as a spoon, to protect the eye.

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3-D Graffiti Sculptures Hit the Streets

10 Where's Waldo Puzzles Online

We're looking for a guy. He could be anywhere. He looks like this dude;

He's known by many names; Waldo, Walter, Wally or Willy, Charlie,  Valli, Hetti, Holger and Effy. Sometimes he's accompanied by his friends, Wizard Whitebeard, Wanda and Woof.


His arch enemy Odlaw can sometimes be seen, up to his usual tricks, no doubt.

I don't know why we're looking for him, but have a go, it's good fun. Click on the image to open a large version in a new tab. Where's Waldo?

More about Waldo in

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Incredible Tattoo Designs
Internet Meme Graffiti
Lord of the Rings Inspires Real Hobbit Houses
Street Art goes Skin Deep with Graffiti Tattoos
Tattoo Humor: Mooning Belly Buttons

Street Art goes Skin Deep with Graffiti Tattoos

Graffiti and Tattoos are art forms that have existed for centuries, as scrawls on the walls of Roman baths and tribal tattoos that mark coming-of-age ceremonies and personal achievements. It is only in the last few decades that street art and tattoos have taken on distinct style characteristics that set the apart from other art forms. Now these two rebellious genres have combined to produce graffiti tattoos.


The spraycan is a symbol of graffiti and street art, being the most common tool used by street artists. Its form is simple and its silhouette recognizable, even when morphed by the artist into a characterful artwork.

Above: This graffiti tattoo depicts both a spraycan and a gas mask (used by some graffiti artists to prevent the inhalation of paint fumes) 

Above: This graffiti piece uses a combination of geometric shapes and curves to create a visually interesting urban art-styled tattoo design. The colorful tattoo inks used in this piece, along with the repetition of recognizable shapes such as arrows, gives the tattoo a friendly appeal.


Urban art is often inspired by the environment in which they are found - cities and transport routes. Using perspective to create visual interest, graffiti artists often incorporate city objects such as buildings, buses, trains and skylines.

Above: This tattoo shows a train bearing graffiti art. Trains are not only subject matter for graffiti artists; often they are also a challenging, illegal canvas for street artists to work upon. 

Above: This graffiti tattoo design combines the words, "New York" with a depiction of the famous city's skyline. The stars used in this artwork further add to the patriotic nature of this tattoo, as stars are a part of the American flag. More Patriotic New York Tattoos

Graffiti Lettering and Alphabets

Although there is no one distinct lettering style for graffiti, there is a variety of fonts that are popularly used by street artists. Graffiti alphabet designs are often warped, with key parts of the letter's anatomy exaggerated or decorated. Depth is created by giving the letters shadows and 3-D shapes.

Above: This graffiti font uses serif in some places, but not in others, proof that the artist is not bound by the rules of consistency usually applied to font design. The capitilized letters bend is if a force or pressure has been applied to them, a technique popularly used in graffiti lettering. The finished result is a graffiti tattoo that spells out the word, "faith".

Above: Some graffiti fonts are harder to read than others, which turns the artwork into a puzzle. The cryptic graffiti tattoos above are indecipherable.

Banksy Graffiti Tattoos

Working with stencil and spray paint, graffiti artist Banksy creates attractive, often controversial street artworks. His urban art mysteriously appears overnight, thrilling British graffiti art fans with both their content and message.

Above: Banksy's graffiti artwork of a girl shooting herself in the head, releasing a swarm of butterflies is tattooed on this girl's hip and belly. Banksy designs work well with the limitations of tattoo art, being clear and simple with elegant silhouettes. 

Above: A graffiti tattoo of the world famous Banksy design, of a man in a fighting pose, throwing a bunch of flowers. Banksy's graffiti art often shows startling contrasts between ideas, in this case, a symbol of love or peace combined with a man in a violent posture.

Above: Graffiti artist Banksy often uses rats as a subject in his artwork, to convey a message about human society. Banksy's rats are highly stylized, and have become a signature of sorts for this graffiti artist.

Graffiti and tattoos are often viewed as being rebellious in nature, as street art is illegal, and tattoos leave a permanent mark on the skin. As a form of self-expression, both styles are quickly gaining popularity, especially as a combination of the two in the form of graffiti tattoos.

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