Photoshop Turns Skinny Celebrities into Famous Fatties

Photoshop is often used to manipulate photos of models, actresses and other celebrities, making them appear thinner or more beautiful than they actually are in real life. In a creative turn around, these artists have opted to turn the skinny celebrities into famous fatties.

Amy Winehouse
Deceased singer Amy Winehouse maintained a thin, gangly body during her career. In this Photoshop spoof, the artist has even distorted her tatoos to give the impression that this skinny celebrity gained a lot of weight.

Britney Spears
Known for changing her physical appearance by shaving off her own hair, Britney Spears is shown here as a famous fatty.

Cameron Diaz
This beautiful and sometimes too-skinny actress has gained a few Photoshop pounds.

Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra's Photoshop weight gain is a shocker.

Christina Aguilera
Another celebrity singer who is known for changing her physical appearance, Aguilera is shown below as being drastically changed with her Photoshop fat.

Jennifer Lopez
Even Jennifer Lopez is able to boast of the dubious honor of being a famous fatty.

Lindsay Lohan
In reality, Lohan's drug-skinny body has often been the subject of both concern and ridicule. In the world of Photoshop, however, she has become a buxom beauty.

Pamela Anderson
Although Pamela Anderson's breasts grew enormously over several years, her Photoshop fat gain happened overnight.

Shakira's toned body gets fleshed out in Photoshop in this thin to fat photo manipulation spoof.


10 Funny Photoshop Dogs

Man's best friend sometimes becomes Photoshop's best subject, resulting in funny Photoshopped art works of dogs and puppies.

Dogs in Art
For centuries, dogs have been domesticated as herders, guardians and pets. People ascribe a number of human emotional attributes to dogs, such as loyalty, affection and devotion. Because of man's affinity for canines, dogs are a favorite subject for use in art.
In digital art, dogs are often portrayed in a humorous manner, lending digital art works a friendly, funny attitude. The familiar shape of dogs makes them an easy artistic subject to work with. Photoshop artists can easily exaggerate facial features to create funny caricatures and parodies of man's best friend.

Above: If the wacky world of Photoshop were real, this bird dog would guard your home and learn to say, "Polly wanna cracker!"

Above: It's a dog's life. Even Michelangelo's cherubs have given up their heavenly jobs so that these two canine cuties can take over.

Above: It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a flying beagle!

Above: While humans fail to be able to lick their own elbows, genetically advanced Photoshop dogs can lick their own eyebrows, from behind.

Above: Not quite a hot dog, the Photoshop burger dog is the perfect companion for people who like to play fetch with their food.

Above: Googly human eyes add to the humor of this man animal hybrid.

Above: A pug loaf, baked in Photoshop from one part pug dog and two parts wholewheat bread flour.

Above: A car advertisement shows a Photoshop beagle crammed into a gap in the car seat. 

Above: A Photoshop Jack Russel sports his latest morph - the removal of two legs and his torso. His owners have called him Skippy.

Above: Could this be a form of animal cruelty? Cross-specie bullying? This nasty Photoshop artist has placed a cat's face on a chow chow's body.

Einstein Fans Create Clever Art

Albert Einstein was a 20th century theoretical physicist who transformed the world with his theories. Einstein has become a symbol of intelligence,and often finds a place in geek fan art.

The Mad Scientist
With his bold features and wild hair, Einstein's physical appearance has become the model for character designs of mad scientists and geniuses. In the fan art work below, the artist has given Einstein an even wilder appearance by using unconstrained brushstrokes and bright colors.

Einstein challenges Science in Art
The collage shown below creates an image of Einstein pulling a tongue. The famous photograph of Einstein blowing a raspberry is a favorite among Einstein fans, because it shows a lighter, more humorous side of the scientist. For the first time in written history, Einstein challenged the precepts that scientists should be serious, stoic men.

Einstein in Pencil
Albert Einstein's recognizable facial features make him an excellent subject for art works. In the pencil drawing below, Ships and aeroplanes, skulls and birds spill out of Einstein's brain. Perhaps these are symbols of daily life that we know view differently because of Einstein's theories.

Mad Scientist = Crazy Hair
One of Einstein's most recognizable features is his crazy hair that stood out at all angles, as if trying to tear itself free of the head that held so many theories. In the caricature painting below, the artist has exaggerated Einstein's hair and moustache, to give the theoretical scientist a humorous appearance.

Einstein gets Inked in Tattoo Designs
Because Einstein has become a symbol of science and intelligence, the scientist's portrait has become a popular subject in geek tattoo designs. In the tattoo of Einstein shown below, he is shown with his famous formula, e=mc2.

Graffiti puts Einstein on the Streets
Einstein has become a household name, and his face is known to millions around the world. The scientist has found his way into many graffiti art designs, and is often used by graffiti artists to send a powerful message. In the street art below, Einstein holds a sign that reads, "Love is the answer."

Hobo Nickels are the Currency of Art

A hobo nickel is a small denomination coin that has been sculpted in an artistic manner. Usually, the artwork is a portrait carved into the surface of the coin, to replace the original coin artwork.

Why Carve Nickels?

Although a number of coins are used, the American nickel is a favorite among coin carvers, because it is soft and easy to carve. The art form began, as many art styles do, as a means of entertainment, and was popular among homeless people (hobos) and soldiers, as a way to pass the time. Softer coin sculptures can be created with the tip of a knife, and the medium and tools carried easily in a pocket, making it an ideal art form for those on the move.
Most hobo nickel coin carvings replace the original portrait on the coin with a portrait of the artist's own creation.

Top left: a realistic carving of a skull replaces the original head on the coin. 
Top right: A hobo nickel artists' distinctive style shows through the coin carving design.
Bottom left: A humorously grinning parody of Death, wearing a crown and smoking a cigar.
Bottom right: A viking portrait decorates the coin in place of the original design.

Love Tokens or Art Works?

The earliest recorded Hobo nickels are from the 18th century, and the majority of coin carvings recovered from this period are love tokens. These would most often be created by machining a coin smooth and then carving the lovers' initials or a design into the face of the coin.

Top: Love token hobo nickels were often crafted to be worn on a necklace.
Bottom: This love coin has the lovers' initials and the date, surrounded by artistic carvings.

Money as Art

Although it is not illegal to deface coins in the name of art, it is illegal to alter money with the intention of cheating another person. As long as hobo nickels are sold as an art work, and not returned into circulation, most authorities will turn a blind eye to this art form.

Above: Animals such as lions, owls and raccoon have been used as subject matter for the coin art carvings. 
Bottom right: A beautiful woman is carved into this coin, beside the word, "liberty". Although it is not clear, this could be the artist's personal rendition of the political ideal personified in the Statue of Liberty.

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Maori fern tattoo with koru swirls


A few months ago I created a Maori fern tattoo design for a customer from New-Zealand, also named Aotearoa. The koru is the spiral shape of  a silver fern frond and it is a symbol of growth, strenght and peace. This symbol is used in a lot of Maori art, carving and tattoos.

My Kiwi customer from the Pacific Ocean asked me to design a tattoo to cover the full side of his body, from armpit to just above the hip. First I created a sketch with pencil for the rough outline of the fern. Then I added some repetitive leaves and koru shapes on the bottom. To add some more depth and 3d to the fern and arrow shapes, I added shadings to the leaves. The high resolution tattoo is optimized and the linedrawing or stencil is created for the customer. This linedrawing is used to transfer the outlines of this koru tatoo to the body.

Yesterday I received this photo of the final tattoo on the side of the customers body. It looks great!

If you are interested in a custom maori inspired tattoo or a silver fern design, please let me know and maybe I can help you out with a unique piece.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

10 Amazing Cake Designs

Cakes are often served at celebrations such as birthdays, or events such as an anniversary or Christmas party. Often these cakes have been designed to reflect something that has meaning to the recipients.

Dungeons and Dragons Cake
This amazing dungeons and dragons cake design is ideal for the ultimate gamer. It even has its own polyhedral dice. The cake artist has paid careful attention to the detail of the dragon food sculpture, giving this food art work an edible aesthetic that will appeal to all ages.

Photo Realistic Painting on Cake
This cake artist has created an edible artwork by painting on the surface of the cake with food coloring and dye. Cake designs like this are ideal for photographic studios or even for the owner of the store that is shown in the reference photograph.

Steampunk Sweet Cake
Steampunk is a popular modern art style that combines fantastic clockwork gadgetry with Victorian style items. In this food art work, the baker has used a metallic and wood color scheme that is typical of steampunk art works. See more steampunk art here and here.

A Starry Night Birthday Cake
This cake design uses Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night painting as its design scheme. The artist has mimicked van Gogh's messy, expressive brushstrokes by applying the cake icing in a similar style.

Anatomy on Your Cake Plate
The cake artist has used an anatomy textbook as the theme in this cake. The dry humor of this cake design would likely appeal to medical students or hospital staff.

Aint Nothin' but a Hound Dog Cake
This confectionery food art is a sweet sculpture of a Basset Hound dog. This dessert has won both awards and the hearts of all who see it.

A Ssspecial Ssserpent Cake
Though snakes frighten most people, there are those who are fascinated by serpents of all kinds. This passion has been reflected in this cake design of a snake, complete with scales and markings.

Marvel Comics Superhero Cake
Here's a birthday cake design that will appeal to all comics fans, with its representation of each of the most popular Marvel Comics superheroes. Each layer symbolizes a different superhero, such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and The Hulk.

Scorpio Star Sign Birthday Cake
This birthday cake has been designed for those who have the Scorpio star sign. The gold scorpion sculpture is beautifully decorated with edible paint and piping, to create a luxurious birthday cake design.

A Stitch in Time Saves Cake
In this beautiful food art work, the cake artist has created an antique Singer sewing machine sculpture, surrounded by other items of a seamstress's trade, such as scissors, cotton reels and buttons.

Photoshop Humanoids

A humanoid is a creature that has human characteristics. The term was first used in 1912 to describe skeletons that were physically similar to, but not exactly like, human skeletons. Humanoids appear often in science fiction novels and movies, as aliens or robots that resemble humans. Distinctive human features of humanoids areopposable thumbs and a bipedal bone structure (the bone structure of creatures that walk on two legs).

Creating Alien Photoshop Humanoids

Alien designers often show aliens as having two or three fingers along with an opposable thumb. In the picture above, the creature is further personified through the use of a human facial expression and clothing that resembles those worn by Earth men.

Humanoids are often depicted as having animal features such as claws, feathers or leathery skin. The humanoid above is a biped, yet the bone structure of the head and legs resembles a demonic, alien creature. This manimal belongs solely to the world of fantasy, bearing little resemblance to any Earth creature.

Digital artists can create believable humanoids by retaining the basic structure of a human physique, while adding alien features to the structure. In the image above, the artist has elongated the character's skull and added extra alien characteristics to the head and body. Even though the result is distinctly alien, this humanoid retains the human characteristics of recognizable facial features and basic human body structure.

Designing Robotic Photoshop Humanoids

This CG art work was created with photo manipulation. The artist morphed a photograph to create a female robot humanoid. Though this character is a machine, it retains the organic essence of a human woman.

The above design is a believable, photo-realistic portrayal of a robotic humanoid woman. By using intelligent lighting techniques, the artist has managed to create a 3D feel for the character. The feminine essence of the robot is emphasized through the artist's use of exaggeration - making certain parts of the robot woman's body larger or smaller than it would realistically be on a human figure.

There are thousands of manimal, hybrid and humanoid Photoshop designs online. The images the computer graphics artists create are limited only by their imagination and their skill.

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